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Inversiones Wellness Technologies Ltda is a family biotechnology company dedicated to the production and marketing of probiotics application in humans.

In 2008, the Chilean entrepreneur and founder of the company, Maria Loreto Ormeño, began his research in the hands of researchers working at the University of Concepción to study the behavior of a probiotic incorporated into a food.

The good results obtained in this first stage, opened the opportunity for further research and thus see its effect in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, which ended in a national patent application and PCT European Union, Canada and the US, where the innovative and college share 50 percent each of intellectual property rights.

To date, Inversiones Wellness Technologies Ltda. has an exclusive licensing contract for 20 years worldwide to commercialize patent rights with the potential to sublicense, In addition, it has all the necessary scientific evidence for the marketing of a functional ingredient based on probiotics for the production of functional foods, which will provide an additional benefit to the embedded food and allow the consumer to access a wide variety of foods focused directly to:

Improve their nutrition.

Promote the consuming of a natural product with no side effects and some proven benefits related to gastrointestinal issues.


Manufacturing processes and packaging of the ingredient for marketing are carried out under strict quality standards and meet all European standards and certifications.

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